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Case Studies

This page celebrates examples of excellent scruffiness!

Levenmouth Academy, Buckhaven, 2017-2021

big scruff 1

In 2017 we applied for permission to have a small area of uncut grass near the tree in the picture, and year by year we asked for the spot to get larger. Now we have an area of scrub and grass, it's amazing the diversity we are finding (and encouraging!!) in this scruffy spot.

Around Levenmouth


Local environmental group CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil, have applied and got permission to create these scruffy islands for nature. Tactfully placed and planted with wildflowers from pots in a mass planting event (rather than simply seed sprinkling which on disturbed soil which would have taken too long to look good)

Buckhaven Harbour

Fife Council's Grasslands Strategy (video)

Madras SUD, St Andrews, 2021




We'd like to add your story here too!

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