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Scruffy Spots

Make a space for Nature!

Make a space for nature by rewilding somewhere near you. 


1. Find a place that nobody uses but which gets mown or cut down regularly.

2. Get to know the person who owns the land and the people whose job it is to manage it.

3. Negotiate a patch for rewilding in a place that suits everyone. You might have to write a letter or an email, and walk with them on site to mark it out. Most people agree with the idea of rewilding in principle but, it's a practical decision.

4. Relax and let nature do the work. 

5. Take pictures as the spot develops. 

6. Share your ‘scruffy spot’ on our page, your page or on social media and don't forget to thank the owners and groundskeepers

7. Feel very pleased with yourself, nature has something to thank you for.

8. Keep an eye on your Scruffy Spot!

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Big Spots


Little Spots

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